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1126                                             FZ

delicately adjusted to descend uniformly            a          wf

once set In motion, the value of c; Is the I1}              a** *it j* i^f*

and the usual set of curves may be con*trut*tetL   Thr
taken as H plus weight of screw, the P,: W
the origin.

;                                                            CHAPTER 1*

'                             Pp. 58? and 8jg*   The  Platinum

mometen—It was Sir William                who firm

temperature by the

strutting his resistance thermometer In 1871.                           in

finding a material that would not             with         and

ature led to the instrument                                         until it*

improvement by Callendar and              who             a

wire shielded so as to         the                        of

The resistance-measuring               hat alto

U                                 Spmfic.                  This term.

"I -                         of any particular material, and is            t§ the               in

|l                                      of a

i r                           the temperature           j2e M

• !                                         of temperature,

•ijS      '                                                                RI -'iRatH-tt/0)

;i i                    .        where a is the                                                                          liii ha»

j;.             ,              the           value as the                  of gas                  (p.         to

I '                         ' the ^ero of                   Si                             the                         nf

i :                     .     temperature   and                                   at   that

are             in fig, ff|t                                        and

i           ; •                                                                                               nf

\        .      '                   will                       as an                          of

.   .               *                                                            fi§» 996 it

of                  A wire

;                                 ii                to a                              i and P»        ta .

f.    . •   .'   ' i                                                                                           »a                   •»                                      be

•                                                          Hie

;: .    '     • •         ( tto             wiS be                      it wd a   Tte         tarn it'